Business Management Services


Operations & Team Facilitation

Rhythm of the Business – It's time to stop managing your employees in firedrill mode. Stop having them react and plan with no advanced notice, causing higher levels of stress and employee dissatisfaction. With a defined rhythm of the business, you get to be planful and predictive in how you want to run your business, and the cadence in which you would like to get updates, show results, or make important decisions. Our business managers can help you turn your organizational operations into a proactive, working machine.

Leadership Team Meetings – Bring the best out of the Leaders on your team through half or full day working sessions. These brainstorming meetings are a great way to ensure current projects are advancing accordingly, to help prioritize upcoming work and to bond as a team to ensure the most positive working relationships.


Group Meetings – Need to make progress fleshing out a goal or set of deliverables? Need to make sure your projects are moving forward? Our Business Managers are expert facilitators who can help you get the most progress out of your group meetings and ensure you achieve the right results at the end of the day.

Event Management Services

Project Management – Will manage end-to-end aspects for your event, supporting the initial event plan and concept, through outlining the full timeline and managing aspects and supporting employees to meet the project on time, with exceptional delivery.

Budget Management – Keep your event within your allocated budget per project plan, with advanced notice an approval if you desire to increase budget or add more experiences to your event.

Webinar/Customer Series – Speaking opportunities are a great way to ensure you connect with your customer or team. Bring in our Business Managers to help facilitate, and ensure the right message gets conveyed with style and ease. Having a professional facilitator and host, can bring in a vibrant personality to keep the audience entertained and interested in digesting more of what you have to say!

...and we even offer executive transportation services – Ride in style and luxury! Finding reliable transportation can be a challenge. With LevorBMS, we are here to provide you end-to-end personal assistance. Need a ride from office to home, to the airport, to that important event or business meeting? We are here to help! Get reliable, professional transportation as part of any of our business management packages or as a separate service.

Operations & Meeting Facilitation