Product of Levor Business Management Services

Automated Financial Management Solutions

LevorSuite enables you to automate your financial management processes!

powered by TimeXtender and ClearvIew Financials

Eliminates the risk for spreadsheet errors caused by data capture and consolidation.

  • On-Prem
  • Cloud
  • Cross-Platform

Getting you off the

hamster wheel!

Automation ensures accuracy and data integrity. Eliminating hours spent on data reconciliation!

  • Data Integration
  • Account Structures
  • Multiple Hierarchies
  • Organization Changes
  • Currency Conversions
  • Version Control
  • Error Reduction
  • Dynamic Templates
  • Automated Financials
  • Multiple DataSources
  • Workflow & Notifications
  • Data Consolidations
  • Data Mapping
  • Spreadsheet Add-In
  • Budgeting & Forecasting


Automated Financials