Corporate Financial Management & Automation

Manual entries for planning, budgeting, and analysis is the thing of the past!

We help you integrate all your financial management activities and align data, systems and processes into one framework. However, the Levor-way is not a ‘big-bang’ approach to financial management. We take small targeted steps towards achieving a full integrated, automated financial management framework.

Automated Financial Management



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Automated Financials– Traditionally, implementing sound procedures and systems to support Financial Management have been expensive and risky initiatives, often involving engaging in long duration projects with external experts and consultants. In other words it has been too expensive, cumbersome and the end-results not always living up to the initial promises made by the financial management Vendors.

No doubt that this is part of the reason that 70% of all businesses still rely on spreadsheets for Financial Management.

But times are changing. In many cases technology you already own but don’t leverage fully – for instance ERP, Reporting solution(s), Spreadsheets, Database technology, etc. – can be configured to facilitate and meet your needs for more effective financial management.

In addition – new bleeding-edge technologies can be “added to the mix” of what you already have and use. We are experts in identifying the low-hanging fruits for utilizing technology to optimize your financial management processes.

Levor are the experts in optimizing how finance people work with data and collaborate across functions. To help them improve and do their jobs more efficiently.