With services from Levor, you will receive help from a team who is skilled in taking care of your every need. Leigh Felton oversees every project, and ensures the job is done right, in a professional, and reliable fashion. Her background includes a long tenure taking care of top executive staff. This includes everything from business management, operations, executive communications, budget, business cadence processes, projects, etc.  Levor has the ability to translate executive strategy, roadmaps, and details, into actionable business results through events, presentations and strategy memos. By bringing Levor on board your team, you will not only get a team who can manage your project, but who will also feel like a member of your team with your best interests in mind.

We have also added LevorSuite, our automated financial management software, enabling companies to optimize planning, budgeting, forecasting and financial reporting!

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When your company faces a business, data, BI, messaging or operational challenge, you have to choose support that brings an unmatched depth of real-world experience. With us, you will get a Business Management professional who has real-world experience in helping to support executives in successfully running their organizations.


Whatever your business is facing, we guarantee to give a fresh perspective. It’s this insight, coupled with innovative, long-term solutions, that helps you meet and exceed the most aggressive company goals and expectations.

Leigh Felton, Founder

Thank you for considering Levor for this engagement opportunity with your organization. We cater to small and mid-sized teams, and large organizations who do not have the budget (or oftentimes the need) to bring on a full-time Business Manager into their organization. For a fraction of the cost, we will be your Business Manager and provide personalized service, based on the amount of support you need. Whether you are the CEO who needs an extra set of hands to grow your organization, or whether your role in the company is to manage special projects, and operational responsibilities, we are here to give you the expert help and guidance you need.

Our Key Benefits:

Levor Business Management Services is not just another consulting firm. In fact, we are not consulting at all. We become part of your team. We will bring a seasoned, business management professional into your organization to act as your own personal Business Manager, Data Analyst or BI Expert. Not sure what services you need, that's okay. You don't have to choose. Through our Business Management Services, you can receive access to all we have to offer! For one low monthly fee, you get to set the number of hours spent in helping you solve some of your organization's toughest challenges! Not to mention our executive transportation services, gets you and your staff to where you need to be, and in style!



           Business Management Services

"Delivering the best in-class experience for helping you grow and manage your business!"

"The benefit of Levor is that we specialize in three distinct areas of executive support (Business Management, Automated Financials, Financial Management Services). We become part of your team, your passion is our passion. We become your personal Business Manager to help you run every aspect of your organization with precision and a keen insight communications, operations, project management and data analytics, to keep your business running smoothly. Additionally, with the LevorSuite Automated Financials solution, we will bring your organization unparalleled process excellence for all of your Financial Management needs.

We are not just another consulting firm looking to rack up hours in services. We want to make sure you succeed, and we have the depth of experiences, services and solutions that will meet your needs.

We are here to deliver for you!"

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